Airport Excess Baggage

Like the vast majority of commercial businesses in the world, the airline industry in general tends to provide a good base service but charge excessive rates for additional services such as excess luggage. In some cases, the price of the excess baggage can exceed the actual cost of the air ticket and although the fees are difficult to avoid altogether, we can help to make them a little more affordable.

Our service, unless otherwise stated, is from airport to doorstep and it is our responsibility to ensure that all customs clearance and any additional regulations are adhered to. We also ensure that none of the luggage you pack contains dangerous or prohibited items, these include the obvious items such as guns and explosives but also some perhaps less obvious items including but not limited to: Spray cans, bicycle puncture repair kits and most types of batteries. If you are not sure whether the items, you plan to transport are prohibited, please contact us for clarification. Excess baggage charges commercial can be a very costly experience if the service provider is not thoroughly researched beforehand, don’t take the chance and contact us for the best rates and service in Dubai.

Excess Baggage