Pakistan Air Cargo – Everything that you need to know

Pakistan Air Cargo Dubai is a professional logistics company engaged in air cargo directly affiliated to door to door service to Pakistan from all across the Emirates.

The company mainly undertakes the sea, land and air transportation and transportation agency business of import and export goods, including: cargo collection, space booking, chartering, trailers, air transportation, bulk cargo consolidation, door-to-door service, inspection, customs declaration, issuance of bills of lading, document preparation Various documents, international multimodal transport, import agency, transportation consulting and insurance agency services. With preferential freight rates, safe, fast, efficient, high-quality services and a complete global service agency network, we have won the affirmation and Trust, the company’s business has developed rapidly.

Pakistan Air Cargo

The company attaches great importance to talents, and has a group of high-quality and professional staff with rich international freight experience and ability, which has laid a solid foundation for the realization of high-quality, safe and fast services. Relying on Courier Services, the company is based in the heart of Dubai and radiates the whole country. Set up branches in Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and have long-term partners in Karachi, Pakistan.

At the same time, a relatively complete global freight forwarding logistics network has been established. Can provide customers with a full range of door-to-door Air Cargo services to Pakistan in 2 to 3 Days from Dubai.

At present, the company is committed to the transformation to third-party logistics, vigorously expanding the service network at home and abroad, extending the connotation of various services, and expanding logistics services on the basis of providing customers with sea and air transportation services to provide customers with high value-added logistics services.

Our company is willing to be committed to long-term cooperation and development with friends from all walks of life on the basis of integrity, mutual benefit and friendship, and join hands in creating a better future.

No matter where your goods need to be shipped, speed and reliability are always your pursuits, so we have created an Express logistics network association to meet your pursuits. Our Express logistics network association partners provide you with comprehensive logistics services by land, sea and air in global business centers.

We do not need to book space for your cargo, and our long-term partnership with various air craft carriers ensures that we have reserved space on multiple airline flights, which ensures that your cargo leaves the port at the fastest speed.

We do not need to inquire about the carrier for your shipments, the long-term support of the Express logistics network association partners to the world’s major carriers has enabled our group to win the negotiated preferential prices for import and export goods in the world’s major business centers, and the Express logistics network association Partners have ground transportation to reduce costs. Our affordable logistics solutions help you win the competition.

Our e-commerce (easy commerce) system was developed to make it easier for you to control your shipments, you can already check your shipments over the Internet using your own order reference number, and our Tracking system tracks your shipments from delivery to pick up.
All Express Logistics Network Association members are carefully selected by the association from local powerful freight forwarders and require personal care for all shipments. Contact us by any method and we can provide door-to-door air cargo service and delivery to all major cities of Pakistan from all across the Emirates. Our reliable service allows you to cut inventory and shorten your shipments’ turnaround time. Our various specialists make error-free handling of all goods a reality. .

Years of successful handling of large quantities of live items allows us to withstand any test. We pay attention to the communication and communication with customers, airlines, all relevant units, as well as between various departments and employees within the company.

As long as you call us, you can enjoy a relaxed and pleasant all-round freight and logistics services.


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